Once a month CISV tryout, CISV experience, CISV live! Especially during autumn and winter, when the great CISV summer is just over and you miss the friends and the activities! Shorten waiting time for the first delegation meeting in spring, Precamp or an upcoming minicamp a little bit by joining:

Once a month, we invite you to energize with our Junior Branch, take part in some CISV activities and experience CISV Spirit! Above all, have as much fun as possible.


Purple Soup is for 10-14-year-olds – one or two times trying is by the way possible without CISV membership.

In Purple Soup I spend my afternoon with friends, meaningful and funny at the same time.

Alexandra Pachlinger

Purple Soup Responsible

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years old or older


years old - older youth are invited to join the JB in their JB Round Table


extra costs - Purple Soup is included in your membership fee