Leadership training

All CISV Canada leaders, staff and Junior Counsellors (JCs) are required to go through rigorous leadership training at both the local and national levels. Local leadership training is facilitated by the local chapter, and national leadership training is facilitated by the National Leadership Training Committee in the spring. At these national trainings, CISV leaders-to-be meet people from other chapters who will be participating in similar programmes, further prepare for the upcoming programme, and exchange ideas and experiences from CISV.

Who attends?
  • Leaders for Village, Youth Meeting, Step Up, and Interchange (new to the program OR who have not received training in that program and that position in the last THREE years);
  • Junior Counsellors; and,
  • Staff for Villages, Step Ups, and Youth Meetings hosted in Canada.
  • National Leadership Trainer Bios

Please Note: All leaders as identified above MUST attend national leadership training. Trainees are expected to attend the national leadership training in their region, and to stay for the duration of the training.

What should I do to prepare for National Leadership Training?

You will receive local leadership training prior to attending National Leadership Training.  If you have not received local training and/or local training is not scheduled, please contact your local leadership trainer or chapter chair as soon as possible. 

Leadership Training

This year we are offering our national training online! This is for leaders, staff, and JCs!
Please contact your local leadership trainer or the NLTC at NLTC.TEAM@ca.cisv.org for details.