Our team (“board”)

  • takes care of our members – children, youth, parents
  • gives information about the organization
  • hosts meetings, events and minicamps
  • is present in public
  • assembles “delegations” for international programmes
  • selects “leaders”
  • takes care of delegations and participants during preparation
  • helps with travels
  • hosts international programmes
  • charges the fees and pays the international organization
  • searches sponsors and donors
  • represents our interests in national and international conferences

Sarah Laughton

National President

Rizwan Kassam

National Association Representative

Lyn Salsman Waller

National Treasurer

Gillian Uy

National Secretary

Stuart Pinks

National Risk Manager

Carey Patterson

Chapter Development Officer

Mikaela Martin Polad

National Program Coordinator

Keenan Dixon

National Communications Officer

Sara Wildeman

Senior National Junior Representative

Anna Thoburn

Junior National Junior Representative